About Us

The Story:

It all started in 2004 when Linda Waters left her corporate career and founded Back to Business, whose mission is to help women make successful career transitions with confidence. 

Not long into the practice, Linda noted that the two biggest obstacles to her clients' success were fear and lack of confidence. While her program goes a long way to help people find their confidence, She wanted to change this on a larger scale. "Everyone has a story, and we should support one another better than we do" says Waters.

She wanted to do something special to give women a way to inspire and empower one another....so she developed Confidence Beads.

Each bead has a "story" and a reason for being.They are our way to spread uplifting messages of strength and support among women. 

In 2011, various charities began approaching us to make beads specifically for them, so we began our sister company, Beads for a Cause - committed to helping non- profits raise awareness and funds for their important causes.  

We strive to make raising funds as easy as possible through our Fundraising Partnership Program.



Meet "The Tribe":

Our company is run by (mostly) Moms who share a passion and commitment to supporting women and giving back!

Linda Waters, Founder

   Linda is the captain of this crazy ship! She wears many hats during the day running her three companies (Back to Business, Confidence Beads and Beads for a Cause) her busy family and volunteer work. How she does it, none of us knows!  
Linda's dedication to community and empowering women has resulted in several awards, among them the ATHENA award and the Edith Palmer Memorial award.  

Fun fact: Linda likes to create, connect people, brainstorm, present, cook, watch her boys' sports games, and travel when she can!


Dian Tobin, Director of Operations

Dian is the guru of all things operational including order fulfillment, bookkeeping and payroll. She can figure just about anything out and is the one with the answers!

If you need to track something down or just have a question, she is the one to ask.

Dian's sarcasm and slightly dark sense of humor keeps us laughing!


Fun fact: Before she became "Tribe", Dian was a Back to Business client! 


Lisa Leahy, Director of Social Media & Outreach

Lisa says she has the "fun" job in the office. Lisa is the "go-to" if you have an event we can help promote, or information that you would like to share on Social Media. Lisa loves to do research on potential new fundraising partners and their missions.

She came to us in an interesting way: within hours after Linda and Dian talked about the need for someone to take on social media, Dian got a text from Lisa asking for advice on finding a job with Mothers hours. Coincidence or fate? The next day Linda and Lisa had lunch and the rest is history. Thanks, fate!

Fun fact: Lisa and Dian were college roommates! 


Hannah, Director of the Welcome Committee

Hannah is responsible for greeting all visitors and deliveries. Her focus is on early notification of arrivals and chipmunk patrol. She can usually be found sunbathing by the front door.

Hannah is a long- legged blonde with big eyelashes, and a good attitude toward ... everything.



Fun fact: Her bark is worse than her bite!


More Tribe bios are in the works & coming soon!


We ARE the "WHY":

Not long ago, a friend emailed this video to us, and suddenly it became clear the MOST important thing that makes us different: Our "WHY" is what we're all about.

We are very proud of this, because we don't just say that we care. Every fundraiser that we support, every customer who shares their story with us, every new friend that we make is approached with kindness and respect.

We believe in improving other people's lives through inspiration and generosity. That is our WHY.

Many Thanks to the ever- inspiring Simon Sinek for encouraging us to tell people about it!




Having fun out there! (some pictures of us at events)


                              Lisa & Dian at the PMC '13                                                                              Linda & Lizzie on the Bruins Foundation cruise '13

                        Linda & Loretta at the PMC check presentation '13
                         Linda & Julie at the PMC '12



Here's a cute movie that Lisa made: